ASAS in Arabic means “Foundation”


Through Foundation, we get the chance to develop a holistic understanding of basic business principles from the very beginning in an engaging learning experience, which is very important for every business to be successful.
Each business discipline has its broad body of knowledge and can be mastered in theory, but experiencing how business works, without the real-world risk, along with the opportunity to build a product portfolio, manage costs, analyze the market, and develop forecasts, all with an eye on cash flow and balance sheet management, in practice can be the ideal foundation for a deep and ongoing learning.


- To be one of the leading Auditing, Consultancy and Advisory offices in Oman, where Transparency & Accuracy are guaranteed.


- To help entrepreneurs & enterprises achieve their financial goals & establish their business.
- To analyze all aspects of our client's enterprises and offer them high quality and accurate auditing services
- To provide real value and support to our clients complying with international standards on auditing


Client Satisfaction, Transparency and Objectivity towards the services are our top most priorities.